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ABout mia!

Mia Rose Perritt is an actor/singer currently based in Seattle, WA after receiving her BFA in Acting at the Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University.


Theatre and performance have always been a big part of her life, ever since she was eight years old, whether that's performing Irish dancing with her siblings or singing her heart out in the school musical. 


 Mia is a hardworking, earnest actor and singer who is passionate about exploring community in theatre. She is captivated by pieces that stimulate the mind and ask the audience, and the actor to think deeply about life's choices. Music has a universal way of uniting us all, and she also loves to work on pieces with profound composition and thoughtful lyricism. Kindness is a driving force in Mia’s work, and she strives to be kind and create safe environments for others to flourish.

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